FEMA is treating Hurricane Harvey Victims Differently Than Other Super-Storm Victims

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The deadline for Hurricane Harvey victims to file their FEMA proof of loss is August 25th. The Hurricane Harvey FEMA proof of loss deadline is imminent.

In recent super-storms and floods, like Hurricane Sandy and the great Baton Rouge flood, FEMA extended the deadline for victims to file their proof of loss claims with their insurance company and FEMA. For example, for Hurricane Sandy FEMA extended the proof of loss deadline three times and for the Baton Rouge flood, FEMA extended the proof of loss deadline five times. For Houstonians, however, FEMA has clearly said that it will NOT extend the deadline. FEMA says that it is not extending the deadline because it has closed 99% of all claims. This is a dubious claim. Nevertheless, FEMA extended the proof of loss deadline for flood victims in Baton Rouge even though it had closed 99.6% of all claims. The bottom line is FEMA is treating Hurricane Harvey victims differently.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of Houstonians who are unaware of this pending proof of loss deadline. If they miss the deadline, then they lose their right to file a claim under their FEMA-backed insurance. Thankfully Houston’s congressmen are stepping up and asking FEMA to extend the proof of loss deadline. They have sent FEMA a letter requesting an extension for filing a proof of loss. As of today, FEMA has not responded to the Congressmens’ letter.

At this point, Houstonians must act quickly and get their proof of loss on file with FEMA and their insurance company. Also, reach out to your Congressmen and ask them to continue to apply pressure on FEMA to extend the proof of loss deadline; finally click on the link below and sign the petition that lets FEMA know that Houstonians demand to be treated equally.



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