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Trade Secrets Attorney in Katy

Representation for Violations of the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act

The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act was enacted in 2013. The law defines trade secrets as information that derives economic value from not being known to others who could obtain economic value from its use and efforts are made to maintain the secrecy of the information.

At the Law Office of Shane McClelland, our trade secrets lawyer in Katy represents clients in misappropriation of trade secrets cases. We can help protect your rights and fight for a favorable resolution to your case.

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Understanding Texas Trade Secrets Law

Before a plaintiff can file a misappropriation of trade secrets claim, he or she must own a trade secret and show that the defendant misappropriated the information. This generally happens either when a person improperly acquires a trade secret or has access to the trade secret and discloses it improperly.

A defendant can be found to have misappropriated a trade secret when he or she:

  • Acquired a trade secret
  • Improperly gained access to a trade secret
  • Had access to a trade secret and used it outside the consented use
  • Had access to the information, but used it in a way that is prohibited
  • Thought they acquired the trade secret in a proper manner, but had reason to know that the person they acquired it from gained access improperly

Our trade secrets attorney in Katy has extensive knowledge of this area of law. We advise our clients wisely and act as an advocate on their behalf. Whether we need to send a demand letter or engage in litigation, we are ready to fight for you.

Remedies for Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

The court may impose certain remedies when it is found that trade secrets have been misappropriated. Injunctive relief is a court order that requires a defendant to stop the activity that violates the plaintiff’s trade secrets and preserve the secrecy of the information. The court can also require the defendant to pay monetary damages for the economic harm that was caused by the violation.

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