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Shane McClelland

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Before going to law school, Shane worked with challenged high school students who were missing something in their lives: a relationship with a caring, compassionate, and empathetic adult. For many years, Shane was that adult who cared for them, mentored them, and equipped them with tools to not just survive but thrive.

After getting married and beginning his family, Shane was ready to take his experience working with high school students to the next level. He discovered a new avenue to serve people – to graciously and empathetically assist injured people, to advocate for them, to counsel them, to guide them, to help them win. He became an attorney.

Shane has been practicing law for more than 15 years, working side-by-side with thousands of clients and placing their needs at the forefront of everything he does as an attorney.

He realized long ago that his drive to serve people as their legal advisor is born out of his desire to care for injured people. He represents people who are injured in car collisions, people who were unlawfully discriminated against or harassed at work, or even families who need to get back into their home after a hurricane or natural disaster because their insurance company failed them by refusing to pay their flood or homeowners’ claim. Shane also advocates for business owners who are struggling through a business dispute. Shane strives to give people the personalized attention and representation they deserve by running a client-centered law firm.

What does it mean to give someone the personalized attention they deserve and to be a client-centered law firm? It means that Shane reliably returns phone calls and emails. It means that he is available to speak with you – his client – directly, and he doesn’t push off clients to staff members. Shane compassionately listens to his clients. He takes the time to ensure they truly understand everything that is going on in their legal journey. He serves his clients by working along-side them to help them recover from their injuries, including a personal injury, a trauma at work, wounds from a natural disaster, or a business dispute.

For Shane, being client-centered means putting himself in his client’s shoes and looking at the experience of hiring a lawyer and going through a legal matter from their point of view. When doing this, he thoughtfully analyzes how he can provide the best client experience.

From your first contact with Shane, he is intelligently and aggressively guiding your legal journey, helping you choose which path to take. Shane thinks of his clients first in all things, looking at their experience from their point of view. The client is the focal point – the heart and soul – of his practice. He seeks to build his client’s trust so that he can do more than help them resolve a discrete legal issue; he wants the client to find peace of mind, reassurance, emotional support, and the advice they deserve.

Shane knows that a cornerstone of running a client-centered law firm is to build trust with clients, which helps make it easier to build a good working partnership and to leave them satisfied and confident that they were front and center of their legal experience from the start until the finish.