Law Office of Shane McClelland Represents Plaintiff in Mismanaged Website Lawsuit

Law Office of Shane McClelland Represents Plaintiff in Mismanaged Website Lawsuit

DaVinci Institute, a non-profit company, filed a lawsuit against Madwire LLC, or Marketing 360, for mismanagement of their website. Our team at the Law Office of Shane McClelland is representing the DaVinci Institute, a Colorado-based company that provides professional speaking, consulting, and advisory services. According to the lawsuit, after signing up with Marketing 360, a digital marketing platform, they faced a drastic loss of business opportunities and revenue because Marketing 360 mismanaged the DaVinci Institute’s website.

The First Contract

After signing their first contract together, Marketing 360 launched the DaVinci Institute’s new website in April of 2018. The plaintiff’s speaking opportunities declined almost instantly, falling from an average of five per week to less than one. After several calls with Marketing 360, the DaVinci Institute’s saw no improvement, and so sought the services of a professional auditing company. The audit found that Marketing 360 lost hundreds of backlinks when constructing a new website for DaVinci. These backlinks are largely responsible for garnering online traffic and, therefore, business. The loss of these backlinks can negatively affect Google rankings and positioning for organic searches, putting the DaVinci Institute’s in a less effective position online.

To further harm the DaVinci Institute’s opportunities for business growth, Marketing 360 turned off the website in Europe due to GDPR reasons and failed to notify the DaVinci Institute’s of the shut-off. Later, in November of 2018, Marketing 360 shut down the DaVinci Institute’s website entirely.

The Second Contract

In a second contract, the DaVinci Institute paid Marketing 360 to construct an impact lab website. However, Marketing 360 did not complete their work on the site, and the DaVinci Institute asked them to stop working on the site. Following this discussion, Marketing 360 refused to refund the DaVinci Institute for the site, even though they never completed it as promised in the contract.

Our firm is currently pursuing a case against Marketing 360 for the company’s actions against the DaVinci Institute. Not only did the marketing company’s actions breach two contracts, but it also resulted in a tremendous loss of business opportunities for the DaVinci Institute.

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