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Your spinal cord is one of your body’s most important parts and actively helps send signals from your brain to vital organs and muscles. When you are injured and your spinal cord is affected, you can expect more than a small recovery period and some aches and pains. Unfortunately, it can result in temporary or permanent paralysis, severe motor damage, and death. 

Suffering a spinal cord injury from the reckless actions of another party permits you to file a personal injury claim for damages. Nobody should have to pay the financial, physical, or emotional price because of another person’s negligence. To best prepare yourself for financial and legal recourse, your best course of action is to partner with a compassionate and knowledgeable personal injury attorney. The team at the Law Office of Shane McClelland, PLLC is proud to offer over 15 years of services with a successful track record and would love to help you and your case today. 

How Is Liability Established After a Spinal Cord Accident?

When establishing liability and holding a liable party accountable for their negligence, your Sugar Land spinal cord injury lawyer must prove the elements of negligence. For a spinal cord injury, this will include: 

  • You were owed a duty of care
  • That duty of care was breached
  • That breach directly caused an accident
  • The accident resulted in your spinal cord injury

For example, if your spinal cord injury is the result of a car accident, the duty of care would be that the other drivers follow the rules of the road while operating their motor vehicles. If another speeds, drives while distracted, fails to yield or follow the rules of the road, or even operates their vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this is considered a breach of that care and puts their fellow drivers at risk of an accident. When that accident causes your spinal cord injury, you are entitled to file a lawsuit to seek to recover your damages. 

How a Sugar Land, TX Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Case

After you suffer a spinal cord injury, your focus should be on recovering your health. Not fighting with insurance companies and hospitals over your medical bills. A Sugar Land spinal injury attorney can help pursue a worthy settlement or file a lawsuit on your behalf. When you hire an attorney, you are giving yourself the ability to focus on your healing journey while they use their expertise to work on the following vital aspects: 

Collect Evidence

After your initial consultation, your Sugar Land spinal cord injury lawyer will immediately investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident. This includes collecting and assessing any potentially relevant evidence, including available camera footage, eyewitness testimony, incident reports, police reports, and other documentary evidence. 

Much of this information is time-sensitive, so it is imperative you reach out to an attorney as soon as you possibly can. This evidence may demonstrate the at-fault party’s negligence and role in your injuries. 

File Your Claim

Texas has a two-year statute of limitations from the date your cause of action arises to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney will work to ensure that all the correct paperwork is included and that your claim and lawsuit are filed timely. 

From this point forward, they will handle all communications with the insurance company and the defendant’s attorney. They will work to negotiate a fair settlement and file a lawsuit. 

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

It is important to remember that insurance companies (even your own) are not your friends. It is common for insurance adjusters to reach out to you immediately after an accident to try and get a recorded statement from you that is against your interest or offer you a small settlement to try and make the case go away. They take advantage of the fact that you are injured and might not fully grasp what a worthy settlement may look like for your specific accident. 

Spinal cord injuries can be costly and require years of rehabilitation or physical therapy. Even a bulging disc can require expensive diagnostic tests and costly treatments. Common injuries like nerve damage and disc pain utilize MRI tests to identify the root cause of your injuries and devise a course of care. Treatments such as disc fusions and epidural steroid injections can help stabilize your condition and reduce inflammation, but require money and time. When you have a distinguished Sugar Land spinal cord injury attorney on your side, you are giving yourself the best possible chance at recovering a settlement worthy of your losses, both presently and in the future. 

Suffered a Spinal Cord Injury? Our Dedicated Team Can Help Today

No matter the cause of your spinal cord injury, Shane McClelland is ready to serve you with personalized, knowledgeable, and compassionate representation today. We are proud to serve clients in Sugar Land and do so with the attention your case deserves. We understand how stressful the aftermath of an accident can be and are here to help relieve some of that stress for you. 

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