Texas is home to three of the deadliest interstates in the United States. Based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Texas has been deemed the third most dangerous state to drive through, with approximately 15 fatal crashes occurring on every 100 miles of interstate. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers may still fall victim to an accident on these crowded highways. 

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Where Are the Deadliest Interstates in Texas?

The interstates in Texas with the highest rates of fatal accidents are I-35E, I-45, and I-30. I-35E runs through the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ranking as one of the deadliest with nearly 30 fatal crashes per 100 miles. I-45, starting from Galveston and stretching north to Dallas, records an average of 24.6 fatal crashes every 100 miles, making it another perilous route. I-30, connecting Arkansas and Texas, because of the congestion and frequent requests you should use a high level of focus when driving down I-30. 

All of these major interstates are constantly congested with traffic, including high moving 18 wheeler trucks, making it more likely that an accident will occur. Due to the high-speed limit and extreme level of traffic, sustained injuries are often long-lasting, costly, and sometimes even fatal. 

Common causes of collisions on the interstates are driving while distracted, driving while drunk, speeding, failing to yield on time, and lack of attention. When you are injured in a wreck that isn’t your fault, you must speak with an attorney as soon as possible. 

Understanding What Makes These Interstates So Dangerous

Texas’s distinction of hosting three of the deadliest interstates in the United States underscores a grave concern for driver safety within the state. Data from the CDC regarding deaths caused by traffic accidents paints a grim picture of the risks associated with driving on these highways. Statistics show motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death in people aged 1-54 in the United States. This data not only reflects the inherent dangers of navigating Texas interstates but also serves as a crucial reminder of the unpredictable nature of road safety, where even the most cautious drivers are at risk of the hazards present. 

Factors such as heavy traffic congestion, high-speed limits, and the common causes of collisions—including speeding, distracted or drunk driving, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and failing to yield—contribute significantly to the high rates of fatal car accidents. The density of traffic, coupled with the dangerous driving habits of some drivers and even the time of day, creates an environment ripe for catastrophic outcomes. In Texas specifically, 223 deaths occur between 9 P.M. and 10 P.M. This surge in dangerous driving behaviors can arise from multiple factors, such as fatigue, insufficient road lighting, and more. 

It is critical to consult an attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Our team is here to help after you’ve been in an accident and navigate the often overwhelming legal and medical processes involved in the aftermath of an interstate accident. We strive to ensure to immediately help you after a car accident and do everything we can to help you recover the compensation you deserve for the extensive physical, emotional, and financial toll your accident inevitably caused.

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