If you’ve found yourself directly involved in a personal injury lawsuit in Texas, the principle of “comparative negligence” is an essential factor to take into consideration. This legal concept plays a significant role in determining the amount of compensation you can receive. Comparative negligence comes into play if a jury determines that you share a portion of the responsibility for causing your injuries.

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Breaking Down Texas’ Comparative Negligence Law

Comparative negligence, also known as proportionate responsibility, is a pivotal aspect of accidents where multiple parties are involved and may be responsible. Under Texas law, the amount of compensation you can recover can be modified if a jury determines that you have some responsibility for causing your injuries. 

Texas law, Chapter 33.001 of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code, says that if you are more than 50% responsible for causing your injuries, you cannot recover at all. In other words, if a jury finds you responsible for more than 50% of causing your injuries, the jury does not award you any money. If you are found to be less than 50% responsible for your injuries, but more than 0% responsible, your recovery is reduced by that percentage of responsibility. The practical reality of how comparative negligence can affect your overall recovery underscores the importance of a thorough legal analysis to accurately assess the facts and law in your case to maximize potential compensation.

How an Attorney Can Help You Navigate Comparative Negligence

An experienced personal injury attorney can play a critical role in guiding you through the complexities of the principle of comparative negligence and how it might affect your case. A highly reviewed lawyer near you, like Law Office of Shane McClelland, can help to ensure your rights are protected and your compensation maximized. When it comes to comparative negligence, every detail and piece of evidence can significantly influence the ultimate determination of the percentage of responsibility and, subsequently, the amount of compensation you can recover. A skilled attorney will analyze and meticulously investigate the facts and law involved in your accident and try to build a compelling case that accurately reflects the extent of the other party’s liability.

By leveraging our understanding of Texas law, we work hard to present arguments to maximize the other parties’ responsibility in causing your injuries. This can happen when negotiating with insurance companies, who are often quick to assign a higher degree of responsibility to some parties in an effort to reduce payouts, other attorneys, judges, and ultimately the jury. If your case proceeds to court, we will be prepared to advocate on your behalf and use well-thought-out and strategic legal arguments to ensure the court comprehensively understands your side of the story and the impact on your life from the personal injuries you have suffered.

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